Ken Berger



Hailing from Connecticut, Ken and has been playing piano since the age of 4. He studied performance and composition in college, and has lived and performed across the country. After several years touring with rock and top 10 bands, he settled in Pittsburgh and started playing mostly Jazz. After relocating to Dallas, he formed the fusion group Watersign with guitarist Bobby Reise and saxophonist Mike Noel. That group played at the top Dallas clubs for many years, gathering a healty following. After moving back to Pittsburgh, Ken formed the trio Just Ahead with guitarist Nick Bateman and drummer Bill Thomas, performing throughout the city at top jazz clubs. Although not a California native, Ken got here as soon as possible, arriving in the fall of 2012. He can been seen not only with this group but performing with the New Jazz Quartet, JK Jazz, Jazz Artistry, and Westbound Groove.



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